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Masai Mara

A visit to Serengeti, Maasai Mara and Amboseli forest reserves is stuff that dreams are made of. It was a dream that came true for our member Ms K. Roy Choudhury and her husband, Mr R. Roy Choudhury. They had planned the trip meticulously and enjoyed it fabulously. more

Amazing Amazon (Travel Diary March 6, 2020).

For our globe-trotting member, Ms D. Chatterjee, the Amazon Rainforest was a
thrilling experience that has been a source of joy forever. Even 15 years after that exciting summer, Ms D Chatterjee reflects upon the vastness of the rainforest and its luxuriant and varied vegetation with wonder. more

Bird’s Eye View of the Oxford University (Travel Diary June 2019).

Post retirement is when many of our members have travelled over the world. So did our member, Cdr A. K. Bandopadhyay, who served even after he had retired from the Indian Navy... more

Mizoram memories

India’s north-east is fascinating and our member, Mr D. K. Banerjee, cherished his visits to Mizoram, when he was working on a power augmentation project in Aizawl... more

Magnificent Mysore; Captivating Coorg

Durga Puja, 2019, saw our member, Dr B. Chatterjee, travel to Mysore and Coorg with her sister, sister-in-law. What a treat the Dussehra festival at Mysore was!... more

From a Traveller's Diary - Salem


Salem is as dynamic as it is steeped in tradition, says our member Mr. K. K. Pradhan, who sis charmed by the beguiling city, its serene nature, its bustling streets and its industrious people. more

Earning Love, Pride & Respect for Being an Indian

How Ms Goswami won awe and admiration during her trips abroad. more

Rainbow of Memories from the Niagara

How a visit to the Niagara Falls from Canada and US made lifetime memories for Ms S Basu. more

Lifetime Memories of Andaman-The Travellers’ Paradise 

How a trip to the Andaman & Nicobar Islands turned into a lifetime memory for Ms R Sarkar. more

A Voyage on a Modern-day Noah’s Ark

How a unique voyage to the UK on a cargo ship turned into a lifetime memory for Ms Flower Silliman. more