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Event Updates

24th June 22 : Round the World in an Evening III

An evening resplendent with beautiful places, with a fabulous description of each, made the virtual tour from Bali via Ajanta, Leh-Ladakh, Darjeeling to Egypt an enthralling one. It all started with Bali, a place soaked in Hindu culture which ...

Round the World in an Evening_(Part III)-Opt2.jpg
17th June 2022 : Nuances of Photography

Just a click and you capture a moment forever, that is photography. It was an informative evening of marvellous photography, where our members enjoyed listening to Mr Prasun Banerjee speaking about the basics of how to compose a photograph ...

Nuances of Photography-option1-Rev02.jpg
10th June 2022 : Rustic Melodies

It was an evening where magic was created by the folk songs rendered by Ms Ridhdhi Gayen, Ms Hemasri Saha, Mr Suprabhat and Mr Pratyush which nudged the core of the heart of the audience. It is said, when ...

Rustic Melodies-option5.jpg
3rd June 2022 : Healing through Remote Sensing

It was a very interesting and informative program. A journey from Earth to Space and back. Prof. S. Sengupta had taken us through the nuances of Remote Sensing, a technology used to map Earth from space with the help ...

Healing through Remote Sensing-rev01.jpg
27th May 2022 : Grand Golconda

It was a fabulous evening where the mediaeval Indian history was revived with Mr Probodh Saha guiding us through the Fort of Golconda, which was once ruled by the Kakatiya and later, by the Bahmani dynasty. The stories behind ...

Grand Golconda-Rev01 (1).jpg
20th May 2022 : All in The Family

It was a grand evening with our members, where their children and grandchildren showered their love through heart touching performances. There were beautiful paintings on display, they sang songs, recited poems, danced and played musical instruments. An impressive and ...

All in the Family_Rev03.jpg
13th May 2022 : Rabindra Jayanti

It was a cultural evening exclusively dedicated to Rabindranath Tagore. Our members celebrated, Rabindra Jayanti, the birthday of Rabindranath Tagore, by singing some of his songs, narrating extracts from his writings and reciting his poems. The event was just ...

Rabindra Jayanti3.jpg
6th May 2022 : Oriental Art & Ads

The evening was dedicated to Mr Annada Munshi, the father of Indian commercial Art. In the pre-independence era, he ended the monopoly of the Britishers in the ad world. He was the connect between Indian Fine Art and Commercial ...

Oriental Art & Ads_Rev01 (1).jpg
29th April 2022 : Floral Fantasies Part III

It was delightful to have a glimpse of heaven on earth. Some of our members have green fingers and to nurture plants give them solace. The evening was a mesmerizing journey through the gardens and all the viewers were ...

Floral Fantasies III_Rev01.jpg
22nd April 2022 : Sew Sew Good!

It was an extraordinary evening spent, watching some exquisite piece of needlework. Nine of our members showcased their brilliant work, mesmerizing the audience. They had beautified sarees, cushion covers, runners, table mats, quilts, and different pictures with an array ...

Sew-Sew Good!_rev03.jpg
15th April 2022 : Embracing the New Year

A perfect amalgamation of poila boishakh, bihu and ugadi was witnessed by all, where the New Year was indeed embraced with lovely songs, dance, poems, narration and storytelling. Mr D. Ray appreciated saying, “Thank you. ...

Embracing the New Year3-low.jpg
8th April 2022 : Framed Glimpses of the World

Memories captured by the camera, was beautifully presented in this event. The wonderful narration by our members had made the places come live. They shared with everyone the perspective with which the different objects were photographed. Some photographs were ...

framed glimpses of the world.jpeg
1st April, 2022 : Rendezvous with Raga Shivranjani

It was an absolutely melodious evening with Raga Shivaranjani, which is a very popular raga in both Carnatic and Hindustani classical music. The event commenced with a bhajan followed by four immemorial Hindi film songs based on this raga . ...

rendezvous with Raga Shivaranjani.jpeg
25th March, 2022 : Round the World in an Evening

The snowfall and the apple trees of Kinnaur, the horse drawn carriages of Alaska, the Capilano Suspension bridge of Vancouver, the seven storeyed Grand Cruise ship to Alaska, the Stockholm Concert Hall, 50 bridges and ferries of the Scandinavian islands. ...

WhatsApp Image 2022-03-21 at 13.12.49.jpeg
18th March, 2022 : Holi Hai!

Holi, a colourful festival, was made even more colourful and lively by our enthusiastic members who celebrated Holi in a creative fashion. They came forward to perform live and steal the show. With colours on their faces, they depicted ...

Holi Hai.jpeg
11th March, 2022 : Tools of Civilization

From their origin to their evolution, Prof. R. Ghosh explained the Chemistry behind the making of ceramics and glasses like Chinese ceramic, glazed pottery, porcelain, clay vases, Indian terracotta, Italian pottery, Turkish-Italiano Murano, cut glass vessels, crystals, perfume & wine ...

tools of civilization.jpeg
4th March 2022 : Floral Fantasies Part II

The magnificent colours and the fantastic blooms, meticulously nurtured by our members mesmerised everyone. It was a stroll in the various kinds of gardens of our members, be it a terrace garden or a balcony garden or a window-sill ...

25th February, 2022 : Medley of Melodies II

The best part about instrumental music is the myriad emotions it can evoke and each of us can interpret each note in our own way. Our very talented members with their harmonious flow of melody went all out to ...

18th February, 2022 : Bengal Partition

The ‘Bengal Partition’ event inevitably evokes memories of communal rift, struggles and agitations, but Dr. Debali Mookerjea-Leonard, Professor of English and World Literature, James Madison University, beautifully connected real people with characters of the novels written at that time ...

bengal partition.jpeg
11th February, 2022 : Fibonacci in Architecture

It is said that the Fibonacci sequence or the Golden ratio is the most appealing to the human eye. This event, a sequel to the Fibonacci number in nature, was a magical tour of architecture, painting, sculpture, music and ...

4th February, 2022 : Love is in the Air

Spring and the feeling of happiness, warmth and love that this season brings with it pervaded the air last Friday evening. Love was also truly in the air during the post-event, making it a very memorable evening with the ...

love is in the air.jpeg
28 January 2022 : Tuneful Time!

The evening was a truly tuneful one, with the icing on the cake being the post-event session. As Ms A Day Sinha said, "It was lovely to see the enthusiasm among the members to participate in the live after-event ...

tuneful time.jpeg
21 January 2022 : Telugu Theatre Part V

In the fifth and final part of our tryst with Telugu Theatre Mr G Udaya Bhanu talked about some well-known personalities of Telugu Theatre and their contribution and love towards theatre. In spite of coming from different professions, these ...

telugu theatre5.jpeg
14th January, 2022 : Jai Hind!

On the occasion of Army Day, celebrated on 15th January, 2022, we paid a tribute of sorts to the brave soldiers of our country through a musical journey with Col Budhori and Ms Namrata Sharma. They left us overwhelmed with ...

WhatsApp Image 2022-01-10 at 12.26.06.jpeg
7th January, 2022 : Of Brushes and Colours (Part II)

A river flowed from the Rainbow Mountain through the land of colours to meet a sea of paintings. That was the kind of evening we spent. An art exhibition by the members and for the members only from the ...

24th December 2021 : Merry Christmas

It was a virtual pre-Christmas party with our members, their children and their grandchildren. The evening was made most enchanting by a medley of jingles, songs, and instrumental music. At the end of the main event, a Christmas carol ...

merry christmas.jpeg
17th December 2021 : Telugu Theatre Part 4

In Part 4 of the Telugu Theatre talks, Mr G Udaya Bhanu spoke about his personal journey. How he had formed the Railway Theatre Club, which toured various parts of India, along with Hindi theatre and got many awards and ...

Telugu theatre 4part.jpeg
10th December 2021 : Rendezvous with Raga Todi

A melodious evening with Raga Todi was enjoyed by the members. Five songs in a row sung beautifully by various artists illuminated the evening show. The magic of Todi captured the audience in such a way that after the ...

raga tori.jpeg
3rd December 2021 : Around the World

Yesterday, we journeyed with four of our members from the Eiffel Tower to Zurich; drove by River Rhine; crossed the Atlantic to New York; reached the west coast to Canada and Alaska; and then crossed the Pacific to Singapore. ...

round the world event.jpeg
26th November 2021 : A Rendezvous with Raga Khamaj

The musical journey started with a short 'bandish' of Khamaj, followed by four popular Bollywood songs of yesteryears, rendered by various artists. The magic continued in the interactive session. Members started singing various songs based on Khamaj from film ...

khamaj event.jpeg
19th November 2021 : Telugu Theatre (Part3)

In the third part of our series on Telugu Theatre, Mr G Udaya Bhanu talked about how theatre had flourished in Hyderabad after the formation of Andhra Pradesh, as a new state, from the Madras Presidency. He also narrated ...

Telugu Theatre 3.jpeg
12th November 2021 : Bridging Miles

Our members had their own Children's Day celebration last Friday. On this occasion, the grandchildren of our members expressed their love for their grandparents by showcasing their talents. They sang songs, played various musical instruments, displayed paintings and drawings ...

5th November 2021 : Of Lights and Flowers

On the evening of Diwali, we celebrated Diwali and Bathukamma fest. Our members Ms A Bose, Ms K Mukherjee, Ms M Talukdar and Ms M Das narrated their experience of celebrating diwali from their younger days till this time. ...

Of Lights and Flowers_rev01.jpg
29th October 2021 : A Rendezvous with Raga Yaman

It was a most melodious and enjoyable evening. It also lent to a feeling of togetherness with most of our members saying, "We love to watch the programmes together". The only grouse was that some of our members felt ...

22nd October 2021 : Telugu Theatre Part 2

The second session on Telugu theatre was as engrossing as the first one. Eminent Telugu theatre personality Mr G Uday Bhanu narrated the early 20th century scene of Telugu theatre to the mid-20th century—how Telugu group theatre ...

telugu theatre.jpeg
15th October 2021 : Jaya Jaya He Mahishasura Mardini

The programme visualised by our member, Professor Rita Chattopadhyay was a most enchanting one. An interesting interactive session followed, wherein the discussion ranged from the Bengali Dashami to the Kashmiri rituals followed at this time of the year. On ...

durga puja.jpeg
8th October 2021 : Medley of Melodies

We spent a most enchanting evening listening to some of our members play a variety of musical instruments...and so did our other members. We received an overwhelming response from them immediately after the programme. They expressed their appreciation ...

Medley of Melodies.jpeg
1st October 2021 : Support Elders Annual Day

The programme was enjoyed by all the members who participated on Zoom. They showed their appreciation by enthusiastically applauding each performance. Our members and viewers were also inspired and delighted to know the statistics about the elderly and their ...

SE annual day.jpeg
17th September 2021 : Songs of Celebration

Music Choir members ushered in the festive season in a most delightful and melodious way with their dazzling variety of songs. The joy and the rhythm of the festival was palpable and infectious, as our members once again proved ...

10th September : Telugu Theatre (Part 1)

Eminent Telugu theatre personality Mr Udaybhanu along with two other prominent Hyderabad theatre activists Mr Swapan Mondal and Ms Souravi Roy talked about Telugu theatre—the way it was in late 19th century and early 20th century. How it ...

telugu theatre.jpeg
3rd September : To Teachers, With Love

Teachers' Day was celebrated by our members with much fervour and enhusiasm this Friday with some of our members paying tribute to their teacher and a most engaging post-event discussion on Zoom. The discussion was a programme by itself, ...

teachers day.jpeg
20th August : Joys of Comfort Food

It was a spread of home-cooked food with less spice, sparse ingredients and simple procedure. The breakfast dish was Luchi Alurdom. Lunch & dinner with Fish Curry. For evening snacks we had egg with poppy seed paste and bread Ledikeni ...

joy food.jpeg
13th August : Kismet

A far cry from typical Bollywood blockbusters, Kismet, with its progressive and off-beat story is more similar to the movies we see on the different OTT platforms these days. This blockbuster of yesteryears had swept into the hearts of ...

6th August : Of Brushes and Colours

It was an Art festival. Colours flowing all over the canvas with figures, landscape, still life, portraits and what not. From village life to mountains to cityscape, it was a virtual exhibition by our members, Mr N N Dasgupra, ...

30th July : Humans in the World Wide Web

Searching for a nearby momo shop or the solution to a mind-boggling Mathematical problem? Where do you look? It’s the Wondrous Wizard’s Wand. Oh! It's officially called the World Wide Web, in short WWW. Mr. Samiran Gupta, ...

23rd July : Monsoon Antakshari

As the raindrops kept falling rimjhim rimjhim our members broke into songs of monsoon. Eighteen members participated, singing various songs from American folk to Bangla & Hindi film songs, Rabindrasangeet to North Indian folk. It was truly a musical monsoon ...

Monsoon Antakshari.jpeg
16th July : Grandchildren's Show

We celebrated one of the sweetest relationships possible - Grandparents & Grandchildren. As many as eighteen grandchildren participated in this extravaganza. Songs, poetry, dance, recital of piano, guitar, cello, violin, and even a running commentary of a game by the ...

9th July : Architectural Landscape of British India

Dr Swati Chattopadhyay, professor in the department of History of Art and Architecture, University of California, Santa Barbara, USA, gave an extremely informative and engaging session on colonial art and how it influenced architecture and social mores in India. ...

Architectural landscape (1).jpeg
2nd July : Magic Of Mathematics #2 - Zero The Hero

Our member Prof. Irene Sarkar, Ex Faculty Earth Science IIT Roorkee, talked about Zero. It was the second part of the series Magic Of Mathematics. It was the story of how Zero gradually became a numeral from a mere ...

25th June : Textile Traditions

India's obsession with the Banarasi seems to be eternal and stoking interest in its bewitching forms, styles and 21st century experimentations with the weave, was eminent textile curator, Mayank Mansingh Kaul. He took our members through the pages of ...

18th June : Eat what you watch

SE-Gourmet never ceases to whet our appetite for more. This time members and friends of Support Elders got together to present quite a cornucopia with from the typically Bengali chaporghonto, toker daal, chhanar daalna and doi maach to Andhra ...

11th June : The Beauty of Nature - A Mathematical Perspective

Prof. I. Sarkar took us into the realms of maths and nature; through petals and flowers into the fascinating Fibonacci sequence, the golden ratio leading to predictable patterns in everything, from atoms to celestial bodies. Nature uses this ratio ...

4th June : Encounters with the Environment

Teaching apart, our member, Prof. R Ghosh, has done interesting projects across the world dealing with environmental challenges. From taking biogas to rural Bengal to her Jamaican experience with sugarcane waste and brick-making from red mud, she shared many ...

28th May : Rock-Cut!

Neither time nor age can wither the infinite beauty of the Ajanta paintings and sculputres. It was thus a mesmerizing evening with a guided tour of the cave complex, the chaita grihas carved out of rocks and the murals, ...

21st May : Members' Antakshari

It was truly the season of sun, thirst and perspiration and spirits at the Support Elders Sing2Win Antakshari Club presentation with members celebrating summer. Not only did they enjoy a 'summer holiday' with 'summer wine' but also the ...

14th May : Just Transitions

Can coal ever become truly green? Our member Mr P. S. Bhattacharyya, former Chairman Coal India, lucidly talked about the economics of the transition process and the Indian imperative for a roadmap to a zero carbon emission India, even ...

Just transitions_pinterest.jpg
9th May : Celebrating Rabindranath

It was the grandest celebration of Rabindra Jayanti ever at Support Elders for the sheer variety and spontaneity of the programme! Our members observed the birthday of the bard with great devotion and joy. First came the structured programme ...

Rabindra Jayanti-pinterest.jpg
7th May : Trading Fair and Square

A story about a global movement working to secure for artisanal producers and groups fair prices for their produce and ensure that they produce under fair conditions for themselves and their producers. A story of 10 principles of Fair Trade ...

Trading fair and square_pinterest.jpg
30th April : Film Ginni (Better Half)

How does a senior citizen, living by himself, engage with the numerous technological denizens at home? They have minds of their own and give him a tantalising time, much like a spouse, caring and nagging and making for a ...

23rd April : Every Drop Counts

Water crisis is an urgent ecological, health and hygiene crisis. Thankfully there are some organisations working to help address this problem. Two of our members, Mr S. K. Acharya and Mr D. N. Basak shared their views on this. ...

WhatsApp Image 2021-04-22 at 12.10.56 (1).jpeg
16th April : Beautiful Beginnings

It was indeed a celebratory beginning to the new year for Support Elders, leading with Ms S. Ray telling a story about a heritage Hyderabadi lamp that she lit, symbolically dispelling darkness; Ms G. Sundararaman talking about the significance ...

Beautiful beginnings.jpeg
15th April : Naba Annonde Jaago

It was Poila Baishakh, the Bengali New Year and our members celebrated it with great enthusiasm, beginning with a soft rendition of Rabindranath's 'Nababarsho', recited by Ms N. Dasgupta, followed by the mellifluous Chander hasir bandh bhengeche, by Ms ...

Naba Barsho.png
9th April : Covid questions; Candid answers

We had a most enlightening session with Dr Avik Basu, as he talked to us about the current Covid situation—in between vaccines; the nature of the mutating virus; the standard preventive measures; and the possibilities of safe interactions ...

2nd April : Members go a-cheffing

The decision was unanimous after the cornucopia of eats, from breakfast to teatime snacks, prepared by members and friends of Support Elders—the session was most enjoyable and a gourmet's delight. Ms L. Bose loved the "yummy and delicious ...

member go a cheffing.jpeg
26th March : Holi Hai!

"The lively spirit of all senior members" who sang and danced to celebrate dol/holi, totally charmed Ms A. Biswas, daughter of our member, Ms A. Biswas, who watched it from Canada. Watching the programme from their homes, during ...

Holi 1.jpeg
19th March : Floral Fantasies; Restful Minds

It does not matter whether it is a pot or a plot; if there are flowers everyone is delighted. If there is greenery, everyone feels at peace. Our Friday Evening Special in which members shared their gardening experiences was ...

Floral Fantasies; Restful Minds_invite.jpeg
12th March : When the climate changes

Our members had an erudite exchange of thoughts around the environment with the internationally renowned physicist, N. Sundararman, the founder secretary of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. This followed a presentation, 'When the climate changes', by him. He ...

When the Climate Changes.jpg
5th March : Talking Tabla

With his fingers flying over the tabla and the bayaan, Surojato Roy delighted our members with his rendition of the kayda, the Farukabad Rela in the Tisra Jati and Khanda ...

Talking Tabla.jpeg
26th February : Antakshari Club — SE-Sing2Win — presentation

It was a merry musical entangle with 13 of our members vying for rights to sing the song beginning with the last letter of the previous song. Some took their fun very seriously, with notes and notations, ready at the ...

antakshari invitee_rev04.png
19th February : Meeting in the Mountains

It was a meeting in the hills of Uttarakhand but who was meeting whom? Two brothers in a world of hallucination? Or a spirited ghost teasing a man? Or was it a reincarnation followed by second death? Questions, questions, ...

Meeting in the Mountains_invite for video.jpg
12th February : The Spirit of Innovation

It's all going, going... car keys, cameras, hard drives, ATM cards, said our member, Mr A. Mookherjea, literally delivering the future at our Friday Evening Special to members, all agog as he spoke on the Spirit of Innovation. Ms ...

Spirit of innovation-rev1.jpeg
5th February : Gourmet Grandmoms

Food excites the mind and the palate and our members welcomed the launch of Support Elders' cooking club, SE-Gourmet, with great enthusiasm. The animated discussion that followed the launch of SE-Gourmet's first production, a recipe book, 'Gourmet Grandmoms', was ...

Gourmet Grandmomsrev2.jpeg
29th January : Cinema Cinema (Part 3)

It was a happy-sad story; a lovely history. Cinema Cinema, the three-part serial, produced for Support Elders' Friday Evening Special, concluded on January 29, 2021, bringing the curtains down on the tale of a colourful entertainment space, now fighting for survival. ...

Cinema Cinema 3.jpeg
22nd January : Life and time with Netaji’s INA

Bombs to the left of them; bombs to the right of them; forcing them to seek shelter, losing some of their dearest friends ... but the brave warriors of Netaji's Rani Jhansi Regiment of the INA marched on. On Friday, ...

Asha Sahay_rev04.jpeg
15th January : Excavating Moghalmari

Excavating Moghalmari was a very special expedition for us at Support Elders. Cinema for a Cause took us to the Moghalmari village, where lies the archaeological excavation site in the Dantan II CD block in the Kharagpur subdivision of ...

8th January : Cinema Cinema II

Support Elders presentation, Cinema Cinema II (January 8) was a superhit at the box office! Stories about the 'Golden Triangle' of the Esplanade movie theatres, Globe, New Empire, Lighthouse. The anecdotes about the other halls of the Dharmatola-Esplanade area; the ...

cinema cinema 2.jpeg
31st December 2020 & 1st January : Hello 2021

We had two editions of our Hello 2021 programme to welcome the New Year: on December 31, 2020 @ 8.30pm and on January 1, @ 11 am.

Many of our members performed for the happy occasion with elocution, dance and music. Some showcased their ...

Hello 2021.jpeg
11th December : The stitch that ran
Ms Shamlu Dudeja, mathematician, teacher and a passionate patron of Bengal’s own kantha art form, talked about the fabulous running stitch by Bengal's rural kantha artisans. It is a unique form of recycling worn-out clothes and transforming them into ...
7th December 2020 : Smart Folks - Smart Phones Part 5

The fifth and the last session delt with installing of Applications. A video was played explaining various points on how to install Apps. There was an exhaustive interactive session after the video. 

0 Smrt Fon - 5.jpg
30th November 2020 : Smart Folks - Smart Phones Part 4

The fourth session delt with Facebook and its dos and don'ts. A video was played explaining various points on how to use Facebook. There was an extensive interactive session after the video. 

0 Smrt Fon - 4.jpg
4th December 2020 : Indian Textiles Traditions

Mayank Mansingh Kaul a celebrity designer and an exponent of Banarasi textiles took us to a journey through all the four dimensions of the fabulous fabric of the textile industry of Banaras. 

Mayank talked about the ...

silver connect-banarasi-r01.jpg
27th November 2020 : Saravor - Spirit of the Dhakuria Lakes

A film by Cinema for a Cause captures the spirit of the Dhakuria Lake, its history, the bio-diversity, the multifarious activities that happens around this heritage waterbody of the mega metropolis.

20th November 2020 : Magnificent Meiteis : Marvellous Movements

Suman Sarawgi explained the nuances of Manipuri Dance, it’s history and tradition. It was a demonstrative lecture. The viewers enjoyed it thoroughly.

silver connect_manipuri dance-20nov20.jpg
16th November 2020 : Smart Folks - Smart Phones Part 3

The third session delt with usage of Google Meet. A video was played explaining various points on how to use GMeet. There was an exhaustive interactive session after the video. 

0 Smrt Fon - 3.jpg
13th November 2020 : Shakti Shyamasangeet

It was an array of Shyamasangeet, songs dedicated to the mother Goddess Kali by Dr Madhumita Saha.

WhatsApp Image 2020-11-10 at 8.42.15 PM.jpeg
10th November 2020 : Smart Folks - Smart Phones Part 2

The second session started on 10th November 2020 at 6.00pm. The discussion was on usage of WhatsApp. A video was played explaining various points on how to use WhatsApp. There was an interesting interactive session after the video. 

0 Smrt Fon - 2.jpg
2nd November 2020 : Smart Folks - Smart Phones Part 1

It was long time request from our members to organize a session on the nitty-gritties of using a smart phone. 

We have arranged for 5 such sessions on the usage of smart phones. 

The ...

0 Smrt Fon.jpg
30th October 2020 : Durga Puja 2020 - A Wrapup

On special request from our members we conducted a virtual tour of Durga Pujas of Kolkata, Nandigram of East Midnapore, Shantiniketan, Abinashpur of Birbhum and Beijing. We visited South Kolkata, North Kolkata, Salt Lake pandals. Then to East Midnapore, ...

Puja Wrapup.jpg
23rd October 2020 : Shantirupena Samsthita (May The Devine Reside As Peace Within)

The festive season has arrived. For the Bengalis it started with a bunch of Bengali songs. Those were termed as “Pujor Gaan” –  Songs of the Puja. They were the mainstream Bengali basic modern songs. All the famous singers ...

Corrected Shantirupena Samasthita (1).jpg
16th October 2020 : The Dance of Shiva

The talk was about Seismology, the scientific study of earthquakes, a seismological study of Garhwal Himalaya in particular. The talk was delivered by Dr. Irene Sarkar.

Dr. Sarkar obtained Ph.D. degree in Applied Geophysics from erstwhile ...

Correct creative for Dance of Shive.jpg
9th October 2020 : Ektara Bawlay

A repertoire of Baul songs presented by Dipannita Acharya - a Baul anuragi, a devotee of Baul tradition. She took us to a journey to the realm of Bauls, a mystic land with magical songs. Dipannita Acharya while chanting ...

25th September 2020 : Tamil Traditions - Kolkata Konnekt

Mr Raju Raman a very well-known Kolkata Tam, who is also a Bong by association. An engineer from Jadavpur University had always been busy building bridges between the two cultures. Apart from being an engineer, he is a quizmaster, ...

17th September 2020 : Ethereal Earth : Faithful Fingers

Kumortuli, the potter’s colony. We were in a virtual tour inside the bylanes, where Ma Durga comes alive. In a way it was more than just a tour. We walked through the entire process of transforming a lump ...

11th September 2020 : When The Soul Takes Over Tunefully

The dynamic dozen of Support Elders presented an evening of Song, poetry, painting and recitation. It was both on Zoom and Youtube simultaneously. The session carried on for almost one and a half hour. After the main event, many ...

5th September 2020 : Teachers And The Taught - Yesterday Today Tomorrow

Our members, eminent professors, academics, teachers.....who share special moments of their teaching careers and the new teaching environment.

29th August 2020 : Celebrating The 6th Raising Day

As we celebrate our 6th Raising Day, we cannot help but remember the get-togethers of the previous years...the fun and camaraderie we shared on this day with the entire team and their families. The excitement of the team ...

RD Creative.jpg
26th August 2020 : Kolkata's Lucknowi Legacy

A journey to 19th century Kolkata and it’s cultural legacy. May 1857 Nawab Wazid Ali Shah settled at Kolkata. He brought with him his dream city Lucknow. This is the story of how the cultural heritage of Lucknow mingled ...

15th August 2020 : Flashback 15th August 1947 By General Shankar Roy Chowdhury

Our member General Shankar Roy Chowdhury, PVSM, ADC; Formar Chief of Army Staff and Member of yhe Indian Parliament, shares inspirational memorirs of his first Independence Day, when just a boy of 11.

14th August 2020 : Flashback 15th August 1947 By Ms Uma Ahmad

Tantalising rendezvous between grandmom and granddaughter. Diya Katyal stirs up memories in her grandmother's mind. Our member Ms Uma Ahmad, reflects on the tumultuous times that she experienced before and after Independence.

12th August 2020 : Meghdoot Revisited By Ashram Kanyas

Once again a special bond of poetry and music. Two ashram kanyas revisited Meghdoot with Gurudev. It was a Rabondrath poem celebrating Meghdoot of Kalidas. A number of Rabindrasangeet was playing like a breeze running through the verses.

5th August 2020 : Trading Tales Of Bustling Kolkata Bazaars

Dr. Debasish Basu an amDr. Debasish Basu an amazing story teller and an authority on 18th & 19th century Kolkata, revealed the history of the various markets of Kolkata. It was a virtual trip to 18th & 19th century ...

30th July 2020 : A Discourse Between Poetry And Music

The Fabulous Four, a Quartet who created a bouquet of music and poetry. A bunch of Rabindrasangeet woven together with three poems of various period stretching from contemporary of Rabindranath to the poets of modern era. It was a ...

14th July 2020 : A Walk In The Park

Our member Ms Flower Silliman takes a virtual stroll down Park Street from the 1940s to the 1960s, stopping by every interesting store or eatery, reminiscing about shops, songs, singers and sweets.

Park street x.jpg
8th July 2020 : Celebrating The Golden Era of Bengali Modern Song Online

Support Elders is a musical family, in the Sound of Music genre! Some seven members thus celebrated songs of yesteryears over Zoom on facebook live. The programme started about 5.45 in the evening and continued for an hour. Two of ...

30th June 2020 : International Tagore Poem Recitation Day Online

30th June 2020 evening lightened up with the verses of Gitanjali. Support Elders was honoured to present this programme on International Tagore Poem Recitation Day – “Gianjalir Anjali”, offering our tribute to the great poet Rabindranath from his Song Offerings.

PIC 3.jpg
15th June 2020 : Nazrul Sandhya Online

15th June 2020, Support Elders came up with exuberant celebration of Nazrul Sandhya, online. It started with a great rendition of “Kheliche Jaladebi” on synthesizer by Ms T Ganguly, followed by the recitation of "Lichu ...

Nazrul Sandhya 1.jpg
9th May 2020 : Rabindra Jayanti Online

Support Elders is happy to share with you the joyous celebration of Rabindra Jayanti, online, on 9th May 2020. Though spread across the city, the participants were happy to join in the celebration of the ...

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11th March 2020 : DOL Utsav

Spring has arrived. Our cityscape has changed with loads of crimson blossoms – Palas, Simul everywhere.  New leaves of soothing green invading the territory of asphalt and concrete. It is the time for colours. We celebrated DOL Utsav at ...

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Coffee Morning 2 March 2020: Mrs Magpie Cafe

Coffee Morning at Mrs Magpie, Salt lake on 2 March 2020.

Members arrived one by one. Our ZCs and AC of that area helped them to get down from the vehicle and escorted them to the café. After the ...

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27th Feb 2020: Film Screening and Discussion - Bhuvan Some

It is a 1969 Hindi film directed by Mrinal Sen. The cast includes Utpal Dutt (Mr. Bhuvan Shome) and Suhasini Mulay (Gauri, a village belle). Sen based his film on a Bengali story by Balai Chand Mukhopadhyay. The film is ...

26th Feb 2020: Heritage Trip to Marble Palace, Jorasanko Thakur Bari and Parswanath Temple

We went down memory lane to 19th century Kolkata. This time we visited Marble Palace (Mullick Bari of Chorbagan), Jorasanko Thakur Bari and Parswanath Temple of Belgachia. All three places are well-known landmarks of Bengal cultural heritage.


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13th Feb 2020: Film Screening and Discussion - Haate Bazare

It is a 1967 award-winning art film by noted Bengali director Tapan Sinha. The story revolves around the conflict between good and evil. The film stars Ashok Kumar, Vyjayanthimala (in her first Bengali venture) and Ajitesh Bandopadhyay in the lead ...

20th Feb 2020: Discussion by Jaya Mitra Literature and Quality of Life

It was indeed a great honour and pleasure to have Jaya Mitra, an eminent literary personality, present amongst us for our discussion session. She talked about literature and how it can enhance the quality ...

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5th Feb 2020: Day Trip to Deulti and residence of Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay

We set off for Deulti in the early hours of 5th February 2020. Breakfast was served in the bus. After reaching Nirala Resort, tea was served. Everyone was delighted to see the garden that was ...

16th Jan 2020: Pithe Puli Utsav @ Golf Green Phase I Community Hall

We celebrated the traditional Bengali ‘Pithe Parbon’ through our Pithe Puli Utsav on 16th January 2020 at Golf Green Phase 1 Community Hall. The event started with songs sung by renowned singer Mr Pratul Mukhopadhyay, well-known ...

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10th Jan 2020: Discussion on Neurology by Dr Nirup Datta

The discussion session hosted by Dr Nirup Datta at the Institute of Mass Communication Film & Television Studies was very interesting, interactive and helpful for all the attendees. Dr Datta described the symptoms, prevention ...

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2nd Jan 2020: New Year Celebration @ Rabindra Okakura Bhawan

We had our New Year celebration at Rabindra Okakura Bhavan, Salt Lake on 2nd January 2020. The cultural programme started sharp at 11.30 a.m. with our member, Dr Shibani Moulik, singing a bhajan and a ...

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20th Dec 19: Picnic @ Eco Urban Village

As always, our picnic at Eco Urban Village, New Town started with a delicious breakfast. Everybody enjoyed the warm Winter sun and togetherness. Members sang songs, recited poems, read out texts that they had ...

8th Dec 19: Heritage Tour in Kolkata


We went on a heritage tour for a feel of 18th-Century Kolkata. We visited the Magen David Synagogue and the Beth El Synagogue. We were blessed ...

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4th Dec 19: Discussion session on History of Kolkata

Dr Debashish Basu began a most interesting session on the ‘History of Kolkata—Family history and the History of Adi Ganga’ with a process of unlearning. He explained the geological history of this region ...

30th Nov 19: Picnic @ Prakriti Gardens

 We set off for Prakriti Gardens for a day-long picnic. Members settled down under the shacks and umbrellas, while breakfast was served. Then, songs were sung and a game of passing the pillow ...

11th Nov 19: Heritage Day Trip to Hanseswari Temple

Our day-long Heritage Trip to Hanseswari Temple at Bansberia, Hooghly was much appreciated by the participating members. Our members enjoyed visiting this heritage site, along with the Vasudeb Temple, which stands next to the ...

3rd Oct 19: Pujo Porikroma


Early in the morning of Maha Panchami we set off on the ‘Support Elders Pujo Porikroma’. After picking up our members from different parts of Kolkata, ...

1st Oct 19: Support Elders Silver Connect 2019


We celebrated our annual day on 1st October, 2019, on the occasion of International Day of Older Persons at Rabindra Okakura Bhavan in Salt Lake. The cultural ...