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The changing face of healthcare

2020! These four digits seem to be the harbinger of much gloom and doom. It was the year that saw the entire world reeling under a pandemic…

And, as we still grapple with the new normal, somewhere, I feel relieved that though this pandemic hit us out of the blue, it was relatively easy for us @SupportElders to re-align our services and solutions to suit the needs of the elders trying to cope with a COVID-ridden world. It has much to do with foresight and planning right from our inception. We had differentiated ourselves on the basis of the technology invested in our solutions and in our commitment to empower members to live within their own comfort zones.

The rising demand for digital healthcare or tele-health is a reality today. Yet, long before the lockdown, our Well@Home solution and the Medical Emergency Alert Solution were the most-sought after and popular services. Thus, scaling up our delivery during the pandemic did not pose a major challenge and we were able to cater to the requirements of the elders seamlessly. 

Another post-lockdown necessity is the move from inpatient care to outpatient care to home care; this too was well integrated into our solutions because our research
into our membership profile told us where the comfort zone lay. Thus, without taking any risks and only with full concurrence of the concerned doctors, we encouraged home care, not hesitating to take our members for in-patient care when the situation demanded.

This bears testimony to the wisdom of our core belief that the best option for healthy and happy ageing is to empower the elders to stay at home independently with customized support.