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Showcase_Sukhendu Dasgupta_ pic.jpeg
Emotions expressed

This wonderful painting with brilliant colours was painted by our member Mr S. Dasgupta in remembrance of his mother who was a very good-looking lady. The background was created using the Madhubani art form, from Bihar and the acrylic ...

Showcase_Kasturi Chakraborty-painting.jpeg
Painting on oil paper

Ms K. Chakrabarti painted this beautiful picture on oil paper using oil paint, about 10 to 15 years back. The 3D effect of the painting with the mountains in the backdrop, provides a special effect. This idea came to her after ...

Showcase_ T_Bhattacharya_25 May22.jpeg
Chic Crochet

Our member Ms T Bhattacharya has beautifully created the handmade crochet table covers. The simple, elegant and stylish crochet patterns transform anything that they are spread on. The white table spread has a rich and close-knit design while the ...

Showcase_Bithika Dasgupta_11 May 22.jpeg
Vibrant Coverlet

Our member Ms B. Dasgupta was very innovative in creating this beautiful bedspread from pieces of old unused cloths. She cut the cloths into even sized squares and placed them in a pattern. She then sewed the pieces together ...

Ratna Pakrasi Artwork_7.jpg
Nature craft

This marvellous technique of artwork by our member Ms R. Pakrasi, lets us have a peek into her hobby of collecting tree leaves and petals which she dries and preserves to use in her artwork. The petals and leaves ...

Amita Paul painting_5.jpeg
Picturesque painting

Our member, Ms A Paul had witnessed a milk white swan wading in the dark waters, near lotus flowers, during one of her village tours and painted the same with beautiful shades of water colour. She had no formal ...

Showcase_Ira Sengupta_Door mat.jpeg
Designer doormat

This fabulously designed doormat is made by our member Ms I. Sengupta. The use of remnant wool for this doormat is praiseworthy. This awesome doormat is a remarkable combination of creativity and vibrant colours.

Showcase_Oil Painting_Sumitra Ray_9 March.jpeg
Batik on canvas

This quaint piece of oil painting of Tribal ladies is uniquely portrayed on canvas by our member Ms S. Ray.
The unique Batik like effect in the background and the same texture used for the attire with contrasting ...

Showcase_Baby suit_2_Renuka Ghosh_23 Feb 2022.jpeg
Wonderful Woollies

These soft woollen baby suits are knitted by our member Ms Renuka Ghosh. She knits these lovely woollen wears to gift them to her relatives. These snug, comfy infant wear with booties and caps make babies’ look even more ...

Showcase 1_Basanti Sinha Roy_Feb 2022.jpeg
Dainty Doilies

Our member, Ms Basanti Sinha Roy, handcrafted these delicate doilies. These lovely lacy crocheted creations can enhance the beauty of any table.

Showcase 26th Jan.jpg
Warmly Yours

These lovely woollies are knitted by our member, Ms Sunita Sengupta, who loves to knit woollen clothes for her grandchildren and relatives.

Showcase_Mandira De_Table painting_Jan2022.jpeg
Dull to Dazzling

Our member, Ms Mandira De, transformed a plain table surface to a colourful and vibrant one with her creativity. The lovely geometric patterns in oil paint and the choice of colours gave the table a rather bold and attractive look.

Showcase_Rita Banerji embriodery.jpeg
Simply wow!

Our member, Ms Rita Banerji, adorned this shawl and kurta with colourful embroidery. The lovely intricate design on the shawl stemmed from her imagination while the intricate and flawless needlework made a simple kurta unique and stylish.

Supriya Roy_Potli Bag_1.jpeg
Stunning and Traditional

Our member, Ms Supriya Roy, created these gorgeous and traditional Potli Bags that are embellished with kundan stones, pearls, beads and glass crystals. With her delightful creativity she tastefully used bits of colourful satin, lace, beads and stones to ...

Moidu art work_3.jpeg
Emotions captured

This pretty thermocol artefact, made by our member, Ms S. Moidu, has been aptly named “Devotion” by her. It beautifully captures the feelings in the loving embrace, that draws attention to their love and bonding.

Gopa Basu Mondal_2.jpg
Transformed by talent

Our very talented member, Ms Gopa Basu Mondal, enriched a simple shawl with her creativity. She transformed it to an elegant and beautiful piece of garment with applique and needle work.

Stitching_Ratna Chaudhuri.jpeg
Threads of tradition

This lovely wall hanging has been made by our member Ms Ratna Chaudhuri. The immaculate Kantha stitch has brought alive the beautiful pattern of flowers, birds and fish. The delightful blend of colours would brighten up any wall.

Paint_2 (1).png
Gorgeous landscape paintings

An amateur painter, Ms Rina Lahiri, took up painting as a hobby. Though she never received any training in painting and considers it her favourite pastime, her landscape paintings done with acrylic paints on craft papers look gorgeous.

Durga Rao_Hyderabad.jpeg
Durga Rao's achievement

Ms Durga Rao graduated with Physics Honours from Andhra University at Vizag and got married and went to Canada. There, she did her Masters in Radiation at McGill University in Montreal and enrolled for the Ph.D programme. She ...

Mandira De_3.jpeg
Beautiful eco-friendly coasters

Here are some lovely coasters made by our member, Ms Mandira De. These beautiful coasters are not only attractive and useful, but also eco-friendly. Hard to believe that these are made of old newspapers. Kudos to Ms De!

Haraprashad Chatterjee_1.jpg
Blooming Lilies

These beautiful lilies are grown by our member Mr Haraprasad Chatterjee in his garden. He nurtures his garden very passionately and the joy it affords him is evident in the way he speaks about his garden.

Purabi Dutta_2.jpeg
Eye on the sky

Our member, Ms P. Dutta, loves to shoot the sky. She has taken brilliant images of the sky capturing celestial bodies in beautiful combinations, clouds in fascinating colours and the night sky illuminated by city lights.

Shandhya Bhattacharya_support elders.jpeg
Cool collages

See how our most creative member, Ms S. Bhattacharya, makes fascinating art out of nothing. Just give her some pieces of paper and, lo and behold, you have exhibition quality art, using no more than paper strips, scissors and ...

Sabita Chatterjee_5.jpeg
Crocheted creations

Making magic with a hook to interlock loops of yarn. Our member, Ms S. Chatterjee, creates magic with the crochet hook. Here are some super samples of her amazing creations, crocheting with wool, for her grandniece.

support elders Ratnabali Ray.jpg
Femme Fatale

Our member, Ms R. Ray, loves to paint. Raised in Shantiniketan, it was natural for a child to learn to paint. Her radiant paintings on women are quite tantalising, with delightful hues on washpaper with acrylic paints.

Chandana Sengupta_support elders.jpeg
A glint in the glass

The light is special when the shade is stained glass. Our Member, Ms C. Sengupta, has a gift with painting glasses. Whether it is a delicate lampshade or a  mural her painted glasses look gorgeous.

Support Elders_Dipa Dutta.jpg
Exquisite Embroidery

Our Member, Ms D. Dutta, designs magic with yarn on fabric. She uses a combination of stitches for her floral patterns.

Collage_Bharati Chowdhury.jpg
Blossoms and the Brush

When talent blooms on handcrafted paper. Our member, Ms B. Chowdhury, makes roses and magnolias come alive with her water colour on 270 GSM cold pressed handmade paper.

Rekha Rani Guha.jpg
Knit and purl

Two needles and a ball of wool and that is all that it takes our member, Ms R. R. Guha, to produce these little knitted delights. A little purse and glass covers.

Mandira De_1.jpg
Mixed metaphor

Our member, Ms M. De, creates a fascinating picture through her unique doodle, using acrylic paint. She has thrown in an added measure of creativity with a patchwork of fabric, which injects a human element in this canvas around nature.

p s.jpg
Winged Wonders

Our member, Mr P. S. Chattopadhyay, has the gift of the click. On a visit to Chupichar, a paradise for bird watchers, at Purbasthali in Bardhaman, he captured these picturesque feathered friends.

Crocheted beauties

Delicate doilies by our member, Ms Gouri Paul.

Dipankar Chattopadhyay.jpg
Amazing flowers

Connecting with nature, our member, Mr. Dipankar Chattopadhyay, is growing these 'pretty maids all in a row'.

Support Elders member craft.jpg
Needle and brush

Our talented member, Ms Gopa Basu Mondal, demonstrates twin talents with the needle and a brush.

1. A fabric painted saree with needle work in between.

2. A combination of chain stitches with fabric painting

Collage_Monjusri Das garden.jpg
Green fingers!

Our member, Ms M. Das, who has some sprawling gardening space around her house, takes full advantage of it.  See her garden abloom with flowers. There is fruit as well. She shares the credit with her gardener but we ...

Shyamali Sinha.jpg
Sticking to her knittings

These vests and cardigans with smart and intricate patterns are hand knitted by our member Ms S. Sinha. She loves to knit sweaters for her children and grandchildren.
Rita Banerjee_1.jpg
Exotic flowers clicked by Ms R Banerjee

These exotic flowers are clicked by our member Ms R Banerjee during her visit to Thailand. The tropical climate of Thailand makes these shining bright pink flowers look exotic.

Sunset at Rann of Kutch_Wng Cmdr Kamalesh Chandra Ganguly.jpg
Sunset at the Rann of Kutch by Wng Cmdr Kamalesh Chandra Ganguly

A magnificent sunset at the white Rann of Kutch was captured by our member Wng Cmdr Kamalesh Chandra Ganguly during their trip to Gujrat.

collage_Table napkins&cloth_Sunita Sengupta.jpg
Cross-stitched tablecloth by Ms S Sengupta

Our member, Ms S. Sengupta, presents this beautifully cross-stitched tablecloth, along with two sets of napkins that she has embroidered with button stitch, stem stitch and satin stitch, for filling.

SE_Amarjyoti - 1.jpg
Mystery Of The Luminous Island by Mr Amarjyoti Chaudhuri

A work of fiction where travel, mystery and adventure mingle together inside both covers.

An unputdownable book by Mr Amarjyoti Chaudhuri.


Purnima Ghosh 1.jpg
Mandala by Ms Purnima Ghosh

There are many ways of engaging oneself mentally and a very popular system of stress-busting for elders comes in interesting shapes. One does not have to be an artist to create art. One can just work on something predesigned, ...

Sikha Sengupta_Chupi Chor.jpg
Setting sun at Chupir Chawr, Purbasthali, Bardhaman by Dr S. Sengupta

Our member, Dr S. Sengupta shares her delightful experience under the setting sun at Chupir Chawr, Purbasthali, Bardhaman at the Pakhiralay Homestay.

N. N. Dasgupta_4.jpg
Charcoal portrait by Mr. N. N. Dasgupta

An image of Satyajit Ray in the British Film journal "Sight and Sound" stirred the artist in our member, Mr. N. N. Dasgupta. Ray was preparing to make the documentary for the centenary of Rabindranath Tagore in 1961. The image ...

Shipra Chattopadhyay art 1.jpg
Painting by Ms Shipra Chattopadhyay

This beautiful untitled painting depicts a rural landscape with two women carrying bundle of wood on their way home.

collage_Uma Basu.jpg
Cushion covers by Uma Basu

The splendid multi couloured cushion covers are created by our member Mrs. Uma Basu. She designed the framework and completed these with herringbone stitch by anchor threads. This type of stitch is made of crosses that are not cut ...

Art 1.jpg
Pigeon family in oil pastle by Mrs. Sharmila Sengupta

This vibrant painting is by our member Mrs. Sharmila Sengupta. She did it in black canvas with oil pastle. The picture shows a white pigeon family looking forward for their future family.

Abhijit Rakhshit 1.jpg
Arizona memories in crayon by Mr. Abhijit Rakhshit

Our member Mr. Abhijit Rakhshit visited Arizona, a southwestern U.S. state, is best known for the Grand Canyon. After coming back he portrait Arizona from his memories.

Mita G 2.jpg
A Lady after Holi

This painting is done by our member Ms. Mita Ghosh with acrylic colours. She described it as an expression of a lady after “Holi” festival. The splash of colours came alive with her brush and stroke.

Mita G 4.jpg
The Bovine Wonder

Our member, Ms Mita Ghosh, won the gold medal in the Govt College of Art and Craft, Kolkata, with this unusual sketch.

She first sketched on a zinc plate and then carefully poured acid into it to ...

Abhijit Rakhshit 5.jpg
Chock-a-block Manhattan

Our member, Mr Abhijit Rakshit, sketched Manhattan, the most densely populated part of New York City, with colour pencils.

The urban architect's intricate detailing made Manhattan come alive on canvas.

Art 3.jpg
Magic of Pastels

Our member, Ms Sharmila Sengupta, has used oil pastels to create this vibrant image of a happy go lucky florist-cum-fruit vendor dancing wearing a colourful dress. 

The posture has been painted in such a way that ...

Eye-catching wall hanging

This intricate wall hanging, stitched on a bamboo mat, is a product of the imagination and artistic skills of our member, Ms Abha Bose. 

She drew the sketch of a Japanese doll first and then stuck ...

Mita G 1.jpg
The 3-D Mussaenda Flowers


Our member, Ms Mita Ghosh, bought a bunch of Mussaenda flowers and put it in vases at her home. When she realised that the flowers won’t stay for long, the idea of this oil painting ...

Amazing wax craft

Ms Rita Sen is gifted with a fertile imagination. A visit to her flat revealed unique handicraft. The most eye-catching craft is still under process on an empty 2-litre soft drink pet bottle.

First, she placed a ...

Knitting Wonder

Ms Rita Sen’s house is full of eye-catching creations reflecting her artistic sense and talent. 

This blue-and-white square pattern crocheted woollen shawl is one of her knitting creations. First, she had to knit the small ...

Jharna Dutta 4.jpg
Home junk craft

Mrs Jharna Dutta's flat is a treasure trove of all things creative. Mrs Dutta has an amazing imagination and a knack to create wonders from household junk too.

Here, she has used waste cloth and crepe paper ...

Jharna Dutta 1.jpg
Mesmerising Artwork

As one steps into our member Mrs Jharna Dutta's flat, s/he is greeted by this wall panel, which is painstakingly put together by Mrs Dutta herself.

Mrs Dutta is endowed with tremendous imagination and is capable ...

Intricate Embroidery

The charming and colourful birds are hand-embroidered on natural linen fabric and thoughtfully framed by our member Ms Ira Sengupta.

The different colour shades of brown and dark green branches have beautifully embroidered leaves. The intricacy of ...

Fabric Painting Wonder

This magical fabric painting from the Ramayan has been conjured by our member Mrs Ira Sengupta. The artwork has completely transformed the otherwise lacklustre fabric into a real storyline.

Handmade calendar.png
Handmade Calendar

This lovely calendar is made by our member Mrs. Dipali Dutta. She decides a theme and accordingly choose the photographs taken by her son at different occasions. She takes the print-out of the photographs and the dates herself and give ...

Handmade watch.png
Wall Clock Made of Old Newspaper

This extremely creative wall clocks are made by our member Mrs Dipali Dutta. The uniqueness is, these are made of old newspapers which have been tightly rolled and given a shape and sealed with Fevikwik. For the first clock, the ...

D K Nandi_2.jpg
Book on Short Stories

The books are written by our member Mr. Dilip Kumar Nandi. Both the books contain short stories which depicts the contemporary life style, politics, socio economic aspects of our society. It involves learned skills, unhurried imagination, meticulous and diligent drafting. ...

Shila Bose_2.png
Handmade Dolls

These hands made cartoonish images and the small penguin are made by our member Mrs. Shila Bose from funnel cloth sewed and stuffed with cotton and old soft cloth pieces. The cute face and contour lines of the eyelids are ...

Shila Bose_1.png
Handmade Wall Hanging

This beautiful and intricate wall hanging is hand made by our member Mrs. Shila Bose about 40 years back. It has been created in a plain black piece of cloth pasted in a card board. A picture is drawn first and ...

Dining table cover.png
Embroidered Dining Table Cover

This brown and yellow tree type hand stitched cotton table cover is made by our member Mrs. Krishna Ghosh. The perfect and attractive colour combination surely enhances the beauty of the table cloth.
Tea cosy.png
Unique Handmade Tea-cosy

This radiant vintage English Cottage needle-work designed Tea-cosy is knitted efficiently by our member Mrs. Krishna Ghosh. The embroidered details with apt colours makes it more vibrant and real.
collage Sujoy Roy.jpg
Dance Form in its Pictorial Language

These series of articulate postures of Indian classical dance are drawn by our member Mr. Sujoy Roy in the matrix of mass and lines. The dimension in the performances through Chhanda, tala, laya are literally the rise and fall of ...

Painting by Kumkum Roy Choudhury -2.jpg
Acrylic Painting by our Member, Mrs. Kumkum Roy Choudhury - Part 2

The wildlife paintings by our Member Mrs. Kumkum Roy Choudhury, shows the eerie look of a tiger waiting for the prey. The top right painting is the artist’s depiction of a surrealistic village through her brush. The bottom right ...

Painting by Kumkum Roy Choudhury -1.jpg
Acrylic Painting by our Member, Mrs. Kumkum Roy Choudhury - Part 1

These lustrous acrylic paintings by our Member Mrs. Kumkum Roy Choudhury on canvas interprets the mood of the figures through wide eyes. The bottom right painting is of a fisherwoman- the mood captured is returning home at the end of ...

Abha Bose - Ceramic.jpg
Appealing design crafted on the pot by our member, Mrs. Abha Bose

This exquisite hand-crafted decorative showpiece made of ceramic flower design is a pottery-based artwork done by our member Mrs. Abha Bose.
Abha Bose - Fabric.jpg
Hand-printed bed covers by our member, Mrs. Abha Bose

The plain white fabrics are made radiant by the artistic design of our member Mrs. Abha Bose through her efficient screen printing and hand block printing skills.
Accolades for our Member, Mr Dipendranath Chakraborty

Mr Dipendranath Chakraborty was honoured by Nikhil Bharat Banga Sahitya Sammelan, Mumbai branch for his remarkable achievement in translating the Marathi Novel “Mahanayak” inspired by Netaji Shubhash Chandra Bose’s life, to Bengali.
Embroidery by Nandita Majumdar.png
Kolkata through embroidery by our Member, Mrs Nandita Mazumdar

Depiction of the skylines of Kolkata during Job Charnock’s time embroidered in plain and simple cloth by our Member Mrs. Nandita Mazumdar made it look quite vibrant.
Dolls by Nandita Majumdar.png
Hand-made Dolls by our Member, Mrs Nandita Mazumdar

These colourful pretty dolls are made from fabric, stuffed with cotton and carefully stitched and placed in wooden stand. She created a wide variety of dolls which includes mermaid, different dance forms of India, bride and groom, mystic poets and ...

Handmade Bags by our Member, Mrs Sandhya De

We are proud to present some of Mrs De's beautiful creations.

This is your little window to display your creativity and interests. 

Are you wondering what you can share with us? Everything…well almost…. 

Share with us your thoughts, your stories, your ...