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Thrilling picnic

Support Elders members enjoy at the picnic

One of our members, Mr Sujoy Kumar Roy, shares his experience of spending a fun-filled spring picnic at a farmhouse on the southern fringes of Kolkata.


The rendezvous at a Harinavi farmhouse in February augured well for the year 2019. It was spot on with a burst of season flowers in colours aplenty on the lawns of a bungalow, where Support Elders members had assembled. The atmosphere was la dolce vita! The breakfast was spoiling good. Bon Appetit!


The lunch came around several hours hence. I approached the plate charitably as never before on yummy dishes, and the fried things came so pat in the mouth, oh dear! Ladies and gentlemen were quite at home not ready to be sniffed away as defunct roses of yesterday. There was a sing-a-song atmosphere serenading in the air on a support guitar. Laugh parties and honest deceits beguiled everybody. Thus, we whiled away the afternoon hours. Why tomorrow, I may be with yesterday's seven thousand years! The weight of years seemed lightened. No rustiness of age today. I felt like singing "Que sera, sera, whatever will be will be, the future is not ours to see.”


I packed off when the famous harmony of leaves was rustling in the trees. Back at home, I slept in a happy good night air, the leafy oratories still in my memory.”

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By AnujitM