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Salute to Woman Power

This Women’s Day, let’s celebrate the lives of some of our exceptional women members, who have dared to break the shackles of convention and managed to create a niche of their own.


Food business 

From government service to maître d’, one of our members, Ms Ilora Bhaduri, shares her career transformation with Mousumi Gupta.  


Our member, Ms Ilora Bhaduri, after a long and satisfying career as an officer of BSNL posted in Kolkata, decided not to hang up her boots but to start her life anew. Sitting at home was definitely not Ms Bhaduri’s cup of tea after retirement


So, she and her daughter, who is settled in the US, decided to give shape to their long-cherished dream to catering to the tastebuds of Kolkatans. Luckily, this mother and daughter duo found an appropriate place in a cosy nook of a leafy neighbourhood in south Kolkata to open a café as family business. 


Soon, they got down to picking up knick-knacks with care to complete the décor of the café. And the result? The aesthetically and painstakingly decorated café was born. Any given day, Ms Bhaduri can be found busy looking after this “pocket-friendly” joint.  


Does that mean Ms Bhaduri is free from her household duties? “Not at all,” she replies. “Only after I ensure that my household is not ignored do I reach the café to take charge of things. I am particular about balancing my day and evening between my home and café.” 


And what allures Ms Bhaduri to her “dear” café is the varied kind of customers who frequent the café. “I enjoy meeting new people everyday,” admits Ms Bhaduri. “I love mingling people across age groups.”


Did she ever face any difficult situation in running the café? “No, am lucky in that case. I can proudly say that all the customers are friendly and decent and never had any trouble in managing the café.”



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