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The Rejuvenation



Mrs Hannie Gupta's indomitable spirit helped her beat old age and ill-health and see life in new light. 


A nonagenarian getting her hairs streaked. Don’t be shocked! Smile. At the amazing spirit of Mrs Hannie Gupta, who celebrated her 92nd birthday on March 7 in style! 


Mrs Gupta led a sickly existence. She used to be frequently hospitalised, that too in the ICCU of a reputable south Kolkata nursing home with a host of serious health complications till a couple of years back. Doctors there had even suggested once that a brain surgery was the only option left to keep Mrs Gupta alive. But since she was nearing 90 years of age, Mrs Gupta’s brother, Dr Maurice Gubbay, a retired family physician settled in Israel, decided against it. Mrs Gupta had then lost her speech, leave aside movement. 


The funny or rather interesting part of Mrs Gupta, who stays alone, becoming a member of Support Elders was she set a precondition. She badly wanted to get her Aadhaar card done and sought help from Support Elders. When SEPL could successfully get Mrs Gupta’s Aadhaar card done, she gladly agreed to take our membership. 


But life came a full circle in a positive way when our care manager came into the picture. She not only took entire responsibility of Mrs Gupta’s house management but also the financial and health management. Hannie was provided with an ayah and a nurse. 


Dr Gubbay had refused to let his sister undergo the brain surgery around September 2017 and undertaken the risk to take Mrs Gupta home. He got Mrs Gupta treated at her own home. 


With the treatment and with Support Elders becoming her pillar of support, Mrs Gupta is doing absolutely fine now. Every month, Mrs Gupta’s hairdresser is at her doorstep. 


She celebrated her 92nd birthday on March 7 in style. Support Elders ordered a chocolate cake and savouries from Nahoum and Sons in New Market. Mrs Gupta happily cut the cake with nine candles and one extra candle to wish that she completes her 100th birthday! She joined in singing the “Happy Birthday” song along with her friends and guests at the small party. Mrs Gupta relished a small slice of her birthday cake. Her brother, Dr Gubbay, wished her over a video call and was very happy to see the way she Mrs Gupta was celebrating her birthday with her friends and the Support Elders family around. He thanked Support Elders for taking care of her sister so well. 


Mrs Gupta watches BBC News every day and keeps herself updated about the surroundings. She moves around in her wheelchair but is very cautious about what is happening around. 


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By AnujitM