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From a Loreto Girl - Ms Krishna Basu

I got a request to pen down a few lines about my favourite teachers. The years flew back and the memories came floating, riding a rainbow. All Loreto Girls’ students of my age (I am 75 years now) can remember some very dear teachers we had. Their love and sincerity in shaping our young body and minds, nurturing us into what we are today. I have had a few such dear mentors like Mother Kevin. Mother Carmel, Miss O’Conner, Miss Musa, Miss Sarkar and I can go on and never stop at one. Discipline and honesty were our motto. I can still hold high the banner of Loreto. Education was not about books but the making of a complete self. I will wish all the generations to come to inherit such an education.

I have a sweet memory of Mother Carmel that l'd like to mention. She was quite finicky about diction. Once I had entered her office saying, “Can I come in, Mother?” She beckoned me and said, “My dear, you can always come in, but you should say 'May I and not can'.” Any corrections in class were explained with a hand on my shoulder. These are some sweet memories of my schooldays.

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