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Supplementary Solutions


 You can choose any of our Supplementary Solutions, along with a Core Solution, depending on your requirement. 


  1. Medical Logistics Management


     We manage and track the complete Medical Logistics of the member, thereby providing the member and/or their care sponsor more peace of mind in terms of a single point of contact. This dedicated care manager will be available for 10 hours in a month to help in:

  • taking appointments and visiting the doctor. 
  • scheduling and taking the member for diagnostic tests and procedures.
  • planning and preparing for a visit to the doctor or the diagnostic test centre.
  • collecting medical reports.
  • tracking medicine purchase, stocking, and stock-taking.
  • updating and sending data to the member or care sponsor.


     The member has the flexibility to add more hours of availability of the dedicated care manager by opting for multiple instances of this service.




  2. Digital Tracking & Monitoring Services



   This service allows the member or care sponsor to have access to the location of the MEAS device of member (for those who have subscribed to MEAS); and both basic and advanced health parameters of member, in addition to the location of the MEAS device of member (for those who have subscribed to Well @ Home or MedicAssist @ Home).



  3. Expense Reimbursement Service


   This service takes care of the member’s day-to-day financial responsibilities and obligations. We help members to decide the budget and provide detailed accounts with feedback against the decided sum of money that is given to us for this purpose by the member or sponsor. 


 4. Out-of-Home Assistance


Our staff visits the member for fixed duration of 1.5 hours per visit every week on a pre-defined and mutually agreed day and time to help with out-of-home work—work at the bank or post office; accompany member to salon, diagnostics or doctor's chamber; utility bill payment/utility booking; and other support to help the member live independently.



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