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Enriching Cognitive Solutions

 1. Enriching Cognitive Solutions


Mental well-being and remaining connected being essential for cognitive fitness, Support Elders places it at par with other solutions. Our Enriching Cognitive Solutions provide varied mental engagements by facilitating creative, cultural and educational pursuits that encourage our members to chase cherished dreams, discover new passions or just socialise and interact with others. These support positive aging and help keep dementia and loneliness and even depression at bay. 


Our engagement activities comprise physical and digital activities, over Coffee Mornings across premier city cafes, movie and theatre outings, cultural programmes, short trips and picnics, theme-based discussion sessions, hobby workshops and such others. 


Ever-evolving and in keeping with the changing times, these have been reinforced with a variety of digital programmes over music, literature, yoga, recitation and a range of communities, such as a book club, a quiz club, a poetry club, apart from a series of chat shows with historians, musicians, litterateurs and others. Our Silver Connect offers you a ringside view to these special programmes broadcast on various digital media. 


2. The Silver Circle


The Silver Circle (TSC) is a joint initiative of Support Elders and Calcutta Metropolitan Institute of Gerontology (CMIG) to build a platform to help improve the quality of life of elders through positive engagement and self-actualisation


A part of the University of the Third Age (U3A) movement, TSC is a platform with a community-based approach to the concepts of lifelong learning, positive engagement and self-actualisation.


Based on demand, we have classes for synthesizer, music, recitation, performing arts, spoken English, Computers, and so on.



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